About Us

Hello all, I am Zamara the owner and artist behind Brown Dot Beauty! I originally got into soap making on accident. It was the holiday season and I wanted to find a gift to get everyone I work with to show them my appreciation for everything that they have done. Well times are always hard, and after purchasing some gifts for family and paying bills I realized I was nearly out of money for anything else. I thought on my feet and headed to a popular video site to get some help, and it was there that I came across the idea to make them sugar scrubs most of the ingredients I had at home anyway and what I did not have, I found at my local grocery store. I ended up making scrubs that everyone loved. Many of my co-workers thought I should try my hand at selling them, I must admit that thought was already on my mind to begin with. Almost as soon as I got home I did more research on what I wanted to do and looked up more videos; it was then I came across a popular soap making video and I was hooked! I was absolutely captivated by the idea of what I saw. I did all the homework I could do on the subject and read and read and read… I researched and watched videos for months until I understood inside and out what it was to make soap. I made my first batch and never turned back from there. I now have more than enough batches under my belt with many soap makers becoming my inspiration for what I do. I tested the market for a while to see how my products would do, and they were well received! This positive feedback allowed me to officially launch my business in March of 2015. It makes me happy that I can provide a safer option for my family, friends, and all of you out there. I look forward to all that God has planned for this journey!

With love and lots of suds!

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